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Mayweather vows to finish the fight with McGregor early

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American boxer, Floyd Mayweather has boasted that he will finish the bout with Conor McGregor very early. Mayweather said he has finished his homework and has plotted out strategies to defeat the mixed martial artist on August 26 in Las Vegas. Both fighters have now tipped a knockout finish to the fiercely anticipated bout between one of the greatest boxers of all time and the explosive UFC champion.

Mayweather has downplayed insinuations that the 29-year old, left-handed Irishman will cause him some problems, he said, “Last time I checked I was undefeated, whether it was orthodox or southpaw. McGregor, he’s gonna come out and keep switching (stances)… but when you keep switching all you’re doing is burning energy. He’s looking forward to getting out there and ending the fight early. I’m looking forward to going out there and ending the fight early. It won’t go the distance”



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