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Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix

Photo Courtesy; Sky Sports

Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix today for the fourth year in a row while Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari suffered a penultimate lap puncture that reduced his championship lead to just a single point. Hamilton’s drive from pole to pole was uneventful but yet dominant as his Mercedes Benz teammate, Valtteri Bottas took second place in the race and finished 14 seconds behind the winner.

During the race, Sebastian Vettel tyres wore out but he was still accelerating in a bid to regaining lost grounds but he finished in the seventh position. His Ferrari compatriot, Kimi Raikkonen finished third after suffering a late puncture likewise. The Brit is the third driver after Jim Clark and Alain Prost to win the British Grand Prix for a record five times and the first to have four successive victories at Silverstone.

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