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Vettel and Hamilton meet again in Austria

After the unfortunate incident that took place at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku two weeks ago and Vettel taking all responsibilities for his unbecoming actions during the final race, the top Formula 1 drivers will meet again this weekend in Austria at the prestigious Austrian Grand Prix.

The road-rage in Azerbaijan heighten a lot of emotions between the both drivers as Vettel accused Hamilton of ”brake-checking” and in the process, there was a side collision. During the post-match conference, Hamilton described Vettel’s driving as “disgusting” and “not a sportsman conduct.”

Hamilton is now 14 points behind Vettel after 8 of 20 races. Luckily, the Mercedes-Benz team boss Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda, non-executive chairman were born in Austria and this could give the Brit the needed boost in the race. Mercedes have won the Austrian meet since 2014 and last year, he achieved the feat with his retired teammate, Nico Rosberg.

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