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Lionel Messi marries longtime girlfriend

Lionel Messi has married his longtime girlfriend in his hometown, Rosario, in Argentina. About 260 high-profile guests and celebrities including Messi’s Barcelona teammates Gerard Pique and wife Shakira, Luis Suarez, Carlos Puyol, Cesc Fabregas and Neymar. However, he didn’t invite any of his recent coaches at Barcelona.

Guests weren’t allowed to bring in their mobile phones and staff members were sworn to secrecy. Over 100 journalists were allowed to cover the event but weren’t allowed to participate in the after events. The crowd gathered close the venue to take photos of celebrity but it was heavily guarded.

Messi, 30 and Antonella, 29 have known each other for the past twenty-five years. He grew up with his family in the lower middle-class family in Rosario with his two brothers and a sister. Antonella is the cousin of Lionel Messi’s close friend, Lucas Scaglia who also became a professional footballer.

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